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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Halloween giveaway winners announced & Dragon’s Lair: The Movie updates!! What would you like, trick or treat?

Halloween Contest Drawing #2 by Don Bluth 28


HALLOWEEN CONTEST!!! We are having another Dragon’s Lair Giveaway!! Win one of these original signed Dirk & Princess Daphne Halloween drawings, all you have to do is LIKE or COMMENT on this post!! Winner...

Page 4 & 5 of the Recruitment Animation Brochure. 2

Fox Recruitment Animation Brochure (1994)

On the first of February of 1994 – Don & Gary were contracted to help 20th Century Fox create a feature animation studio and be the Producer/directors to oversee productions conceived by talented scriptwriters....

All Dogs Go To Heaven Royal Premiere 1989 4

A Royal Premiere

In November 1989, a Royal premiere was presented at the ODEON WEST END on Leicester Square in London, the most famous theater in Europe at that time. It was our first Royal Premiere, presenting...