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FOX Group Photo in Courtyard 1

Anastasia Production Crew (1997)

This photo of the 316 members of the Fox Animation Studio staff was taken sometime around the middle of the ANASTASIA production (early 1997). It was very international, with about half of the new...


Xanadu – Don’t Walk Away

An interesting challenge, just as they got started animating The Secret of NIMH’s Tractor Sequence in the Spring of 1980, Don Bluth Productions was sought out by Joel Silver, one of the producers of...


NEW PERK!! The Land Before Time Animation Drawings!!

Get an original autographed animation drawing from the Don Bluth film, “The Land Before Time”. These are official 16 field animation drawings from the 1988 film!! Get them before they are gone!...



HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Halloween giveaway winners announced & Dragon’s Lair: The Movie updates!! What would you like, trick or treat?