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  1. Brandon Scott Jensen says:

    I have not received a password to view this.

  2. Alec Foisy says:

    Kind of odd how not all of it was animated and some of it was just storyboards, but still hope this manages to convince the higher-ups.

  3. Cliff Biram III says:

    Oh man, this was such a fantastic and welcome surprise, with all the Hurricane prep etc. I lost track of the release on this. Really excellent job guys! And you sure know how to leave things on a cliff-hanger!

  4. Frankie Viturello says:

    The password doesn’t work for me, I’ve true both upper and lowercase.

  5. Arif says:

    Good!!..Congratulation to you all…

  6. James Lopez says:

    Congratulations! This looks great! Happy Birthday, Don!

  7. Alex Acerra says:

    Great job guys! I really hope a studio or even Netflix picks it up for you to make into a film.

  8. Kenneth Figuerola Bosch says:

    Awesome !!!! Can’t wait to see the film on a big screen. I wish you good luck with the Pitch presentation.

  9. Jaw-dropping!… I think it turned out beautiful! Love the animation, the gorgeous backgrounds, the charming characters and those incredible vivid colors. It’s always a treat to see Don’s art come alive once more. I sure hope this pitch will lead to a traditionally hand-drawn animated feature; ….otherwise I’m still happy! …. just for the simple reason that now we have a Dragon’s Lair animated short. Happy Birthday Don, what a way to celebrate such a remarkable landmark! You’re an inspiration and an animation legend. It was an honor to meet you and be taught by you, I sure hope our path will cross again in the near future. Best Regards, FELICE APPLAUSO.

  10. Pablo Praino says:

    Yes, netflix has bet into animation a lot recently. I believe a Dragon´s Lair Film or mini series would be a perfect fit!
    Best of lucks with it, we´re happy to have supported you!

  11. Danielle Tokunaga says:

    Did all the backers get listed or is this only the high tier backers?

    Thank you!

  12. Zachary Smith says:

    Looks Great! I hope it gets picked up soon so we can watch it in its full glory.
    Thank You So Much Don & Gary & Everyone else who contributed.

  13. Mirandola Massimo says:

    Amazing! Congratulations Don & Gary! Now let’s hope in the full movie!!! 🙂

  14. Chris Glodde says:

    Awesome! Makes me want another DL game as well as the movie.

  15. Dave Bruno says:

    Lookin good! Man it feels like a blast from the past, in a good way, and not just animation wise! Good luck on pitching!

  16. Sara Sobey says:

    Great work guys! It’s beautiful!

  17. Santeri Jukarainen says:

    Great work as expected 🙂

    And of course… Happy 80th Birthday Don Bluth!!! 😀

  18. Strange, video player from my iPad browser has it cropped so it says Dink the Dar, just can’t compare something created by hand to a computer, thank you making this a reality Don and Gary, it’s been an honour joining you throughout this process and hope this project becomes a reality and hand drawn animation can still thrive in 2017 and beyond.

  19. J. Nyström says:

    The colour choices are beautiful, just gorgeous. I think the story feels kind of overly simple so far, like it’s lacking some depth or points of interest to make it stand out. But the visual side is really nice as expected! Good work!! I agree with other commenters that you should try pitching it to Netflix since they’re eager for animation.

    • Alec Foisy says:

      They will be hiring a professional screenwriter when they do the movie. They said it would be a screenwriter who, when you saw his previous work, would make you want to watch this one. So the final film’s story should be a lot less simple.

  20. Caryl says:

    It’s here! It’s finally here!

    The treatment promised it, but I was still taken off guard by the ending. I hope we all get to see the true ending someday.

  21. Joshua Korkut says:

    I love it! Thank you all for making this. Hollywood may not be ready for a traditionally animated film yet, but hopefully Netflix will pick this up.

  22. Andriy Griffin says:

    Well done, it gives me a real anticipation for the eventual masterpiece! One small grip, my name seemed to be absent during the credits on Indigo backers. Is that a mistake? Either way, congrats!


  23. BrandynWeber says:

    Great job to all involved in this presentation! Amazing to see a Don Bluth short after all these years. I’m glad I contributed! Good luck in getting the full movie made!!

  24. Saad says:

    It’s great but it needs some work for it
    Hope it will get a sequel
    Can you do space ace after it ?

  25. Frank Sudol says:

    Great, colorful and beautifully animated (parts) pitch presentation that captures the feel of Dirk and Daphne, Singe and Mordroc too. The story was captivating thanks to the expressive characters, dialog and voice acting. Really enjoyed how the story progresses 8 years into the future, and the potential to see Dirk go on adventures with Daphne with Dirk in his classic red, tan and yellow Knight’s costume, with his sword. However this needs to get made, whether through a theatrical release, blu-ray or home video, this needs to happen. Thank you Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. While it would have been cool to see Dirk in his classic costume, fighting the snake, animated here instead of story boards, it was awesome to see Singe’s animation. As a lifelong Dragon’s Lair fan, I’m proud to have supported this pitch presentation! Awesome work!

  26. Mark Canner says:

    ROFL!!! I wasn’t expecting Princess Daphne to do that to Dirk! XD
    Well let’s just hope this movie finally gets the green light. 🙂

  27. Alec Perdeau says:

    Well done guys!! You really blew this one out of the water! I love the story arc and how Dirk and Daphne have more established personalities here too. Audiences are gonna love this I’m sure! My niece is gonna love it! Keep up the good work!!

  28. Chris Jolly says:

    Absolutely love it… Brings me back to the 80’s. Can’t wait to see it through to the big screen!!!

  29. Abby Lee says:

    I was literally at my desk telling my coworker about getting to see all of the production updates for this, and then I checked my email and LOST MY MIND. It’s so great seeing animation from you guys again, and I’m so grateful you guys did it! Congrats!!!!

    I hope more than anything that you get a feature film out of this. We are all dying to see it.

  30. Derek Bainton says:

    Stunning piece of wizardry. Crowns off to you Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. My heart skipped several beats here in Wales UK, re-imagining the legend of the laser disc and building the back story with the help of your pitch. You are geniuses and artists and gentlemen of a true kind. Hope to see some awesome background artistry in the future movie that reaches the levels of the legendary Ron Dias. Very humbled and honoured!

  31. Benedetto Gemma says:

    Wow.. great… now I need to se how this will end! 😀 Ciao!

  32. Phil Cobley says:

    Best of luck with the pitches! A while back Netflix were talking about the possibility of interactive shows on the platform – I can’t imagine a more fitting project than an interactive Dragon’s Lair movie. Just a thought…

  33. Jacob Penrod says:

    I want more! Somebody pick this up and let’s get to making the feature length film!

  34. Nicholas Maddocks says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DON BLUTH! The Pitch Presentation looks great! It looks visually well done and after some development with the characters, I think that it can really be something. I wish you luck with it!

  35. John Lohmann says:

    Amazing and jaw dropping! Classic Bluth all the way! Thank you for keeping traditional animation alive! Now lets get this thing fully made boys!

  36. Morgan Stradling says:

    What a great birthday present for Don! Congratulations to Don and Gary, as well as everyone else on the team who have worked hard for the past few years on this. This the culmination of the pitch presentation, but just the beginning of this journey for you. I would love to see this be made into a feature film and wish you the best of luck in pitching this.

  37. Daniel Salgo says:

    Excellent! love the animation, pacing (especially after Dirk gets punched), along with the epic sound choices. The whole action packed snake fight scene feels like it would definitely be an interesting animated fight to see. This is definitely going happen. No doubts!

  38. Katherine says:

    Very nice. Good luck with it – colour & moods etc. are lovely.

  39. Brian says:

    That, was, EPIC! Such an amazing piece of work! I hope a studio will talent enough to live up to the pitch presentation will pick the movie up! It looks SO good that I’m not sure what part to rave about FIRST! lol Seriously, it’s been an awesome ride to see all the updates to this point, I’m so glad to be a contributor and a part of it. Thank you for starting the campaign and giving us a chance to help be a part of this wonderful project!

    Also, the people who could contribute enough to get that “Immortal backer” status, how FUN that they got character designs in the credits! It was neat to see! It was also cool to see backers in the credits as well. Mind if I ask what the criteria was to get just a name in the credits? I THINK I saw mine, but there are plenty of “Brians” out there with the same surname. lol So I’m just curious. lol 😉

    Ok, so I think I can gush about the pitch presentation now….. The character designs are awesome! Dirk and Daphne have enough resemblance to their older selves from the Dragon’s Lair game that it’s clear who they are. Grum is neat and pretty silly, I mean it as a compliment. Just a neat looking character. lol The wizard, turning himself into a serpent like that is an interesting twist. I bet he was a fun character to voice. 😀 I almost can’t wait to see the dragon torch the kingdom! I mean, I can just imagine how AWESOME the effects will be for that when it’s fully animated as a feature! lol Hilde, looks like she knows how to handle a rambunctious youngster like young Dirk. lol Loved the special effects, they were stunning!

    So worth backing this project! Mr. Bluth and Mr. Goldman, thank you so much for giving us all an opportunity to help be a part of this project. And the perks have been AMAZING. A real BANG for the bucks! Best of luck with the pitch now. I eagerly hope a studio will pick it up soon so that it can be made. I want to see it as a feature in theaters! ^_^

  40. UnamedHero says:

    This was quality animation and good ol’ fashion Don Bluth and Gary Goldman magic. All of us that donated believe and hope to see this on the big screen and show these kids nowadays what real animation is all about.

    “Somewhere out there, someone is saying a prayer”, that will be me for y’all to get the backing of a studio so that is made into a full length movie.

    Happy birthday to you, Don Bluth!

  41. Lance Rusoff says:

    Nice work however I thought John Pomeroy was going to work on this? His work on Dragon’s Lair 2 especially Mordroc was pretty amazing.

  42. Lars Seiffert says:

    Just seen this fantastic piece of traditional animated beauty! All sails set to get it on the big screen!
    All the best to Gary, Lavalle and the whole campaign team, and especially to Don Bluth – Happy Birthday!

  43. Charles Moss says:

    Awesome! I cant wait to see this fully realized!

  44. Olusegun Mosuro says:

    Congrats Don, Gary and all who worked on and contributed to this.
    I really enjoyed seeing the animated portions, the storyboards were amazing!
    A true reminder of the humour, heart and animated film-making that come with a ‘Bluth film.
    I wish you the very best as you pitch.

  45. dave crain says:

    Way to go gentlemen! This masterpiece needs to be shown on the big screen! Can’t wait!

  46. Mariano J. Del Franco says:

    It looks AMAZING!! Congrats to Don and Gary, and all the people on the team!!
    Hope this pitch turns very soon into the amazing full length movie!!
    Thanks a lot for bringing back the animation magic! 😀 (y)

  47. Nice sinister look you gave me there on my character. Great work on the video overall!

  48. bslatky says:

    Don, Gary, you’ve done it again! Stellar work!

    And Happy Birthday, Don!

  49. Alec Foisy says:

    Question: am I allowed to at the very least describe the video to non-backers? Like post a transcript of the video on a forum or something like that?

    • Hello Alec, we don’t want to give too much away to those who did not contribute. It wouldn’t be fair to all of the backers who did. Anyone is able to register to this site and join to be able to watch the full pitch presentation. – Don & Gary

    • Nicolas Laudadio says:

      I just posted my reaction on it. But I didn’t give away anything important other than to explain that Dirk talks and starts out on an immature note while Daphne has a personality similar to Anna and Elsa from “Frozen.”

      • Nicolas Laudadio says:

        And I added that the pitch ends in a sad. And exciting cliffhanger. I hope that vague reaction description was okay.

        • Nicolas Laudadio says:

          Here’s what I actually posted on my Facebook profile:

          “A long awaited update on the ‘Dragon’s Lair the Movie’ project by Don Bluth: the pitch presentation is complete. Because I was one of the financial contributors in the initial Indiegogo campaign, I was able to get an exclusive look at it. Since I won’t be able to share the video due to copyright reasons (and understandably so), I will do the next best thing and share my reaction:

          First off, wow, just WOW! For the first time since the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, Don Bluth is officially back in action with the style of 2D animation I’ve always wanted to see return to the modern theater. Is that awesome, or is that AWESOME?!

          The prince-and-princess dynamic of Dirk and Daphne in the presentation is…well…shall we say…different than what was presented in the original arcade game. I think people who enjoy the way Anna and Elsa were portrayed in “Frozen” will not be disappointed with the similar approach that will be taken with Daphne’s character should the full movie be funded.

          And what of Dirk? Well, he’s a bit more talkative than in the video game. With that talkativeness, he’s also got a little bit a different personality than his video game counterpart. The proposed movie is supposed to be a story of him coming to age and maturing. As a young boy, he does go against what is expected of him, only to grow into his more mature and heroic role later on.

          The same kind of dragon from the video game gets his day in the presentation. It is epic!!!!

          The storytelling sequence ends on a rather unexpected, suspenseful, and somewhat sad note. I hope Don Bluth and Gary Goldman can get the full funding they need for the movie, so that I can see how it ends!”

  50. Sam Kressin says:

    Amazing! I loved every minute of it. I hope more than anything this gets made into something.

  51. Al Eufrasio says:

    Congrats on the finished pitch! Too bad that parts had to be left as animatics — especially the epic scene where the castle sinks into lava — but this should more than suffice as a pitch reel. Hopefully you guys are open to the idea of producing this for Netflix or one of the other streaming services, either as a straight film or as a limited series.

  52. Tobor says:

    Congratulations to your entire team for pulling it off!!

    I’ve backed a couple of classically animated projects and it’s all been for naught! But I’m ecstatic to see this get finished (or as close to finished as was possible)!

    Congrats once again and I look forward to this getting the Green Light!! (Netflix or Amazon seem ready to throw money in a filmmaker’s direction –so here’s hopin’!!)

  53. Seth Scoville says:

    I noticed that the embedded video is cropped incorrectly on this page so if anyone wants to watch directly on Vimeo, go to:

    If you are prompted, click the button that says “Watch on Vimeo.”

  54. Ricardo Mesquita says:

    I can’t see the content, but I have already signed up as a member. It keeps telling me that I have to update my membership, what does it mean?

  55. Matt Ownby says:

    I loved watching this!!! It makes me feel like a 7 year old boy again, seeing Dragon’s Lair arcade game for the first time. I totally want to see the rest of this movie.

  56. Carl says:

    This is incredible. Way beyond anything I was expecting. Can’t wait to see this on the big screen.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bluth!

  57. Marin Kalebota says:

    Three cheers for Don Bluth and his amazing crew!! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooooray!

  58. Jackie Igafo Teo says:

    This was SO worth the wait! Good luck! Can’t wait to see Bluth and Goldman back in theaters!

  59. Jackie Igafo Teo says:

    Michael here: I, Michael, Jackie’s son that is an indie 2D traditional animator in training, saying that my mother and I saw the final pitch preview presentation and we loved it, Don and Gary! I can’t wait to see hand-drawn animation back on the theater screens more besides television screens!

  60. Nicolas Laudadio says:

    This is incredible! I love it! Now you have to make the full-scale movie!

  61. George Albanis says:

    Incredible, a throwback , I love it, hand-drawn goodness.

    Looks fantastic the story is definitely something I want to experience can’t get over the great art and animation.

  62. D. B. Hughes says:

    Great work! And as someone who has donated to a few crowd funding projects in the past, I have to say you guys were the best experience I’ve had. You delivered what you promised and did a great job! I have high hopes for the movie!

  63. James Schulte says:

    Simply fantastic. Worth the wait, worth every penny.

    Don Bluth and Gary Goldman I cannot tell you how much this means to see and contribute such a incredible campaign. In only seven minutes you manage to recreate the magic of hand drawn animation, and why every single die hard fan loves this craft so much. There is no need for luck, You two are going to have a guaranteed success with this pitch.

    Loved every minute of it, and again congratulations!

  64. Timothy R. Curtis says:

    Brilliant! Better than I could have imagined! I agree with pitching it to Netflix; now that they will be losing all Disney, Marvel and Star Wars product they will need something new.

    One question, will there still be a Space Ace short?

  65. Jason Gonzalez says:

    This is great! Don’t let anyone convince you guys into making this a CG animated film.

  66. Ignacio Alfonso Turrado says:

    Looks fantastic! Happy birthday, Mr. Bluth!

  67. Austin Hatt says:

    First off happy birthday Don Bluth I hope the 80 years of your life have been swell and congrats to you, Gary Goldman, and the rest of your production team this was a great pitch. I wish you all the best of luck with the future of the project and I’m happy I donated. It was worth every cent I payed and more.

  68. Bryce Chismire says:

    WOW! 😀 This pitch reel is amazing! You guys deserve every opportunity you can get to have Dragon’s Lair brought to the big screen and for 2D hand-drawn animation to be brought back to life.
    I wish you the best of luck in presenting this to potential studio officials, and, Mr. Bluth, happy birthday! 🙂
    PS I was wondering, weren’t we going to get to download the pitch reel in some way?

  69. GalfordEX says:

    I also seem to be confused. I signed in and am told that this content is restricted and that I need to upgrade. I bought three different cels and a signed Blu-ray set, so I should be covered. ; ) I see comments saying the password is below the video, but I’m not seeing anything unfortunately. Any chance that I can be messaged on what I am obviously missing?

  70. Jonathon T says:

    Itshere!Itshere!Itshere! So exciting!!!!

  71. Craig Weinstein says:

    Looks beautiful!! It pulls you right back into the same Dragon’s Lair world and lays basic groundwork for the major characters. Love all the full animation and animatics. Mr. Bluth and Mr. Goldman you’ve brought some magic back to 2D animation with this! Thank you! Wishing good things for the next phase securing the screenwriter and into the pitching!

  72. Liam McKernan says:

    Well done guys. I hope this will soon create the movie you both desire, with the vision you both intend. I look forward to it.

    All the best from Australia.

  73. Niki Topgaard says:

    It’s so nice to see good old hand-drawn animation again! I hope this movie will become a reality! Fingers crossed.

  74. William says:

    Amazing! Wish you guys all the luck getting this into production!

  75. Mark Flood says:

    Fantastic work guys! Just as brilliant as we’d all hoped! Can’t wait for what comes next!

  76. Celinda Walker says:

    I loved it so much. Thank you Don and Gary for doing this. The hand drawn animation is so beautiful and something I’ve greatly missed over the years. Thank you for bringing back my childhood, if only for a little while. It was amazing and I hope more than anything that you get the backing that you need to make this movie! ❤️ Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can do to help.

  77. Jacob Penrod says:

    I really like how this ties in with the other stories. I would be cool if this ends with an overlap of Dragon’s Lair (1). A nice culmination would be Dirk fighting his way through the castle and slaying the Dragon to save Daphne. I could see the final half-hour of the movie being sort of a re-hash of the Dragon’s Lair game. Man, I hope this get’s picked up!

    • Arctic Dog says:

      I agree. This would be a fun movie to write in such a way to tie it to the game. I’m not a huge fan of the betrothal aspect (perhaps something along the lines of Knight’s Tale to establish his relationship with Daphne would be better). But having the movie set during the game, with flash backs to child hood as Dirk roams the castle and is haunted by memories of how things were would be a movie I’d watch over and over.

  78. Richard Cobb says:

    Looks good. Reminds me of Anastasia.

  79. Christopher Coddington says:

    Hooray for Don Bluth and Gary Goldman! I could not be more excited to see the pitch presentation of Dragon’s Lair – The Movie. Thank you, by the way, for the Castle Pan; I was so fascinated with your autographs.

    Congratulations and thanks,

    Christopher Coddington

  80. Alec Foisy says:

    Everyone’s saying this should be pitched to Netflix, but I disagree.

    I don’t want to see this on Netflix. I want to see this in theaters!

  81. Marc Morais says:

    This was Amazing. It feels so good to watch something that was traditionally animated.

  82. Christopher Coddington says:

    And above all, happy one-day-late birthday to my animation idol, Don Bluth. I salute you, sir.

  83. Congrats, everyone! I was thrilled when being notified on the same day when the pitch presentation debuted. The animation is astounding when watching the character animation, stunning backgrounds, and the parts with storyboarding are still wonderfully placed throughout the scenes as an announced piece! I am satisfied overall on this video alone. If there is more to come, I would like to see more in the future! Thank you for the perks, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman! You are my heroes!

    Your Fan,
    Arch Messenger

  84. Alex Kuiper says:

    Ha! Leave ’em on a cliffhanger, I love it!

  85. Tradley says:

    Please! Someone take this pitch!

  86. Frederic Tarabout says:

    Awesome to see the result of your hard work!

  87. Lee Cooley says:

    Well done, sirs! Should be a big hit with GOT and LOTR fans. Huzzah to all involved.

  88. Marengo Alessandro (Alex) says:

    Thank you Don Bluth and Gary Goldman! You are the greatest!

  89. Valtteri Niemi says:

    I would like to see this but I can’t, it says members only altough I have membership?

  90. Virid says:

    Congratulations on the pitch presentation! It looks really good, and I’m looking forward for it to be picked up.

  91. Arctic Dog says:

    Great job. This was so worth the wait. Best of luck getting this moving forward. Been a long time coming….

  92. Thomas Etteler says:

    Looks really promising. I really like it. And I am glad that I could reset my own password. Thank you. 🙂

  93. Matt Thomas says:

    Great pitch video. I can’t wait to see it finished and cel shaded and looking beautiful. I actually like the voices. I just really want a nice traditional fairytale story in a movie again. Subversions and deconstructions are getting oldhat and this seems like it will be traditional in the sense that it’s good vs. evil (hopefully with an awesome villain song, it’s been way too damn long since I’ve seen a great villain song in a new movie) and romantic with dragons and royalty. I love that kind of story. Very excited to see what’s next.

  94. No matter how many times I reset my password, I still get an error that it’s the wrong password. Can’t view any content. 🙁

  95. Peter Kadlec says:

    Congratulations to your amazing pitch preesentation. The drawings were so fantastic and im sure that this will become a full feature movie! Also let me tell you that im proud that I had the opportunity to support Mr. Bluth and Mr. Goldman with one of his awesome productions! And better late then never: Happy 80th birthday, Mr. Bluth!!!
    BTW If US movie studios arent smart enough to support that movie try it with Studio Ghibli or Toho Animations in Japan. They support hand drawn animation.

  96. Marier Villarreal says:

    I couldn’t donate to the original campaign due to not having PayPal, but now I have one and I’m happy to support you. This pitch is really good! I missed that animation <3

  97. Pierre Lucas says:

    It’s so unreal to see this kind of animation, hand drawn and with your unique style, after all these years. I hope you’ll be able to make this pitch presentation into a full lengh animated movie. I’m so proud to be part of this project even if just a little. Your animation was the first I ever saw in cinema and it was magical.

    I wish you both, Mr Bluth and Goldman all the best for the rest of this adventure.

  98. Katherine Klinghammer says:

    I feel as though I’ve honestly been a small part of one of the most pivotal events in animated history. it is an honor and a privilege to have been a part of backing this. Don Bluth is now and forever will be one of the biggest inspirations to me in terms of traditional animation and to even have been a tangential part of this project will carry more meaning to me than words can express. Thank you. Thank you very Nimh, for Littlefoot, for Charlie, and for the return of Dirk the Daring.

  99. Jielm says:

    I cant wait to see where that snake bite leads the story. Looks great. Great job

  100. Julio Cabral says:

    Such beautiful animation and beautiful illustration. Great job Team Bluth! Fingers crossed a studio jumps at this and makes it into a feature. That would be magical.

  101. James Schulte says:

    One Question: In the frame where you are zooming into the throne room, it looks like Mordroc is standing next to the King and the Queen. Is that to indicate that Mordroc is the King’s wizard/counselor? Or just an attendant for the royal celebration?

  102. Joe Webster says:

    Wonderful animation, and it’s a treat to see new Bluth and Goldman animation. I really hope the pitch is a success!

  103. Lacey Case says:

    It looks great!

  104. Diego Fernandez says:

    Wonderful animation and design! Even when I thought that all the pitch would be animated… 🙂 But the result is great and I really hope that it can get transform into a feature film. The only constructive comments that I would like to make to the pitch are that if the movie is finally a reality, it will need a little work in the script and the characters, and I would also love to see original artist like John Pomeroy, Don Moore and David Goetz back for the final film. Lastly (and because dreaming is free) it would also be amazing if, for the film, the colours could be traditional, with painted cells and backgrounds, instead of digital. I’m old school and for me the difference is like night and day and that will really be a return to the greatest moments of animated features. Great job, guys!

  105. Diego Fernandez says:

    A final thought, right now the only thing left from the campaign is “The art of Dragon’s Lair” book, right? How is it going?

  106. George Hastings says:

    Woohoo!! Amazing animation, thank you Mr Bluth and Mr Goldman.

  107. Jose Angel Peña says:

    Perfect Congrats!

  108. Matt says:

    This Pitch is extremely important so I hope you’re going to bring your ‘A’ game. This looks absolutely wonderful and truly hope your hard work pays off.

  109. Congratulations! I absolutely loved every second of the pitch presentation. However, I would loved to see more animation instead storyboards but like someone pointed out on earlier comment, maybe this is how pitch presentations are made. Meanwhile I don’t want to be disrespectful towards Roger McKay (he did fine job here), one thing which I really missed was the epic voice of Michael Rye. His introductions during attraction mode on the games are unforgettable. I wish he’s alive and well and really hope that you can bring him back to work with you on the movie.

  110. Jessica Carmelo says:

    As a female animation fan I say: I like Daphne’s personality in this pitch. Keep her girly.

  111. Carlos Alcalde says:

    Hello, where? can i see some video about the DRAGONS LAIR THE MOVIE??

  112. Guy Smeyers says:

    Of topic; There is a new book out called
    The Nine Old Men: Lessons, Techniques, and Inspiration from Disney’s Great Animators
    Andreas Deja

    Is it worth to purchase?

  113. Carlos Alcalde says:

    Thanks to bluth And gary And all the rest to the team the pith video dragons lair the movie is great beautifull Love you thanks a lot for dragons lair .

  114. Bryan T Hinson says:

    I donated to the Indigogo campaign but my name isn’t in the credits. Did i have to donate at a higher tier (I’m an adventurer) or something?

  115. Jorel Hamilton says:

    This looks INCREDIBLE. It also has everything from a classic Don Bluth film. Great animation, colorful characters, and mild language, “No piss ant boy will take my crown!” Also the brilliant character designs, always loved Singe’s look.

  116. I just noticed one thing which I also missed: you absolutely HAVE to use the original theme song from the game on the movie as well. It’s so iconic that once you hear it you know you are watching Dragon’s Lair. Furthermore, don’t change the original design of Daphne. Otherwise she wont feel/look like the same person from the games. Don’t give in for couple of SJWs and sacrifice original Daphne for the altar of political correctness. It’s already getting out of hand everywhere. Just my two cents.

  117. Connor Doty says:

    Watching this almost brought a tear to my eye. This is bound to be a fantastic movie!

    Also, is that John Kassir voicing Mordroc?

  118. Tyler Bingham says:

    Still excited to see this movie happen!

  119. Jace Shaffer says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous heartfelt work of art you’ve brought us! Thank you Don and everyone on your team for this project and letting your fans take part in helping you guys out! Your films have had a lasting impact on many of us and hold an Irreplaceable spot in our memories and its wonderful that we have had the chance to give something back to you and we hope so much to see this movie soon so that the next generation can have a little of what our childhoods had because of your movies! I so wish I could have had a bigger part in it! (Like animator, voice actor ect. Hint. Hint.) Haha. Much love to the entire team! Thank you for this!

  120. FINALLY got to watch this,as my lousy modem was making it impossible for years. It looks fantastic!

    Hope that “no sharing with non-members” thing doesn’t include not showing it to my four year old niece who was sitting next to me, because she loved it and wanted to watch it again several times and can’t wait to find out what happens!l

  121. Jace Shaffer says:

    Love you guys!

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