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  1. Brian says:

    WOW!!!! SO much progress! Amazing! Thanks so much for the neat info on the backgrounds, the background artist, and stats on the animation and inbetweening!

    I am sill having trouble e-mailing using this e-mail address for the movie goer Print perk..
    If it matters, I use Gmail for my e-mail.

    As I said in an Update 11 comment, I have not yet received any of the physical perks yet. Is there another way I can message you with my shipping address info?

    Thanks, and congrats on the fund-raising!!!! 618G is amazing! 😀

  2. Cliff Biram III says:

    These productions updates and informative explanations of the process are one of the best perks of backing this campaign. Really enjoying these!

  3. Dan E. Won says:

    You’re Welcome! 😉

  4. Guy Smeyers says:

    I haven’t received my signed postcard yet, is that normal?

    • Hello Guy, you chose “The Clothier” perk. We will be bundling everything in to one big box of Dragon’s Lair gear, including your postcard. We are still working on the “MovieGoer” perk. It is a huge undertaking for the prints! After we finish with the “MovieGoer” perk, it is on to “Knight” perk then “The Clothier”. Thank you for your patience! – Don & Gary

  5. Thomas Etteler says:

    got no physical perk yet either. I so can’t wait for the postcard and the poster. 🙂 Allready did vote for it and recieved also the ok to my choice. I so will put that poster under glass to protect it. 🙂

  6. Julio Cabral says:

    Great update. Thank you! I have a question about a perk I purchased a while back. Is the “Animation Collector” perk the same as the “Animation Drawing” perk mentioned in this latest campaign update? If so, the difference in name is throwing me off. If not, what exactly is the “Animation Collector” perk since the cost of that was $180 and the “Animation Drawing” perk is $125. Please advice. Thanks.

  7. Spenser Turner says:

    I’m very excited to hear about the progress on the animation even if it’s 10 feet of animation a day.

    So if 10 feet is 6 and 2/3rd seconds of animation than how many seconds would make up 1 foot of animation and how many feet would make up a minute? I’ve been curious about it since you mentioned measuring animation in “feet” in your last articles.

  8. OwenWelsh says:

    1 foot of animation is 16 frames.

    1 second is 1.5 feet of animation.

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