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  1. Sara Sobey says:

    Good job guys! Glad you’re making good progress with the presentation reel!

  2. Marin Kalebota says:

    Amazing update.

  3. Brian says:

    Sounds like everything is going well! Great news and Congrats on reaching $620,000!! Incredible! 😀

    I’m sure you guys’ll get the moviegoer things straightened out. I have faith. ^_^

    Thanks again for the amazing update! It’s great that so many have been posted! I always look forward to the updates, whether they are “members only” or not. It really feels like we’re being kept in the loop! Very Cool! 😀

    I do have one question regarding the Blu-ray discs. The games, right? Will they be signed on the actual boxes, or on the shrink wrap? (IF you guys are planning on wrapping them). So, if they are going to be shrink-wrapped, I have a small suggestion, unless you guys are already doing this. But, if you sign the boxes that contain the discs instead of signing on the Shrink Wrap, then we can open the shrink wrap to play the discs, and still keep the signatures. Instead of them getting torn away when the shrink wrap is unwrapped. Just a thought. 😉 If it was signed on the shrink wrap, I don’t know if I could stand to tear that away to play the game. I’m a BIG fan of your works, so having the signatures intact would be very important to me.

    Thanks for listening/reading! 🙂

  4. That’s true guys I saw the other day a post with Don Bluth drawing. Man, it was amazing because he is so fast. I support American animators like you guys because America is where animation started in the first place and it’s an honor for me to be in this club. Bluth and Gary stories are inspiring and touchy. So good luck guys!

  5. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    Secret of NIMH Ink and Paint print is safely in hand. It is starting to get hard to keep track of all that has arrived and all that is yet to come. I REALLY need to find time to get to a frame shop.

  6. Cliff Biram III says:

    Great to see so many artists coming on board to work on this project!

    The pins look excellent! Can’t wait to see that Daphne cel!

  7. Pierre Lucas says:

    Glad to hear the good news. I hope your movie will be financed in the end.

  8. Justin Anzelone says:

    Thank you guys for acknowledging the moviegoer perk issue. There are a lot of developers and artists out there who wouldn’t even consider re-doing something like this, let alone admit fault. Yet you guys are taking it one step further to make your fans happy.

    Thank You again, and I can’t wait for the video!

  9. Dan E. Won says:

    It’s awesome that you keep in contact with your old friends and co-workers that you used to work with many years ago! I’m happy you guys found an opportunity to meet and work with each other again! This must be a godsend to Don, as he can now devote his full time to make a project of passion he’s been meaning to complete for years now! With you all guys together, it will be a labor of love, the fruits of which may be the sweetest you have ever harvested! I hope it turns out to be your magnum opus, Don! We all have faith in you and are counting on you to make the best piece of animation ever! The world will be able to see your talents once again! Good luck and God bless to your entire crew!

  10. Marin Kalebota says:

    Happy Birthday, Don Bluth!

  11. Kevin says:

    I received my “Secret of Nimh” print about a couple weeks ago. Loved it! Hopefully everybody else will start getting their print. Keep up the good work guys!

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