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  1. Marin Kalebota says:

    Love it, love it, love it, looove it!

  2. Jon Turner says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. It warms my heart to see hand drawn animation like this being fought for at a time when other studios are wary of it. Keep up the good work! (I also hope we get to see a love triangle of sorts between Dirk, Daphne, and Mordroc.)

  3. Sara Sobey says:

    Beautiful animation and background painting! Good job guys!

  4. Russ Fagle says:

    Wow! Go guys go!

  5. Joshua Korkut says:

    45 seconds of more animation would be wonderful!

  6. Dana Olsen says:

    Go, go, go!! This is exciting!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you guys are doing! I can’t wait to see it completed because it will be awesome! 🙂

  7. Pierre Lucas says:

    The coloured shot from sequence 1 looks amazing o.o

  8. RogerVest says:

    Looks great! I have waited to see this become a reality for a long time. The first Act of the script sounded excellent. Keep up the great work!

  9. Frank Sudol says:

    The castle at night looks great with a unique perspective/exaggeration, and great lighting effects. Nice drawings also. Dirk is finding out the hard way not to offend Daphne. : ) June 2017 for the pitch animation preview sounds good, best success with everything. A Dragon’s Lair movie will be awesome with plenty of adventure for Dirk and Daphne.

  10. Philip Doctor says:

    I freaking love it!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  11. ………………What a great update! Really excited to see how things are moving along, the colored background is just breathtaking! …I simply love Don’s use of forced perspective in his background’s designs. The character designs for Daphne and Dirk are so on point! to see them colored and in motion is going to be such a treat!! ….I still can’t believe how everything is unfolding and falling in the right place, I keep asking myself, “is this really happening?..” we might end up with one more animated movie from Don! Keep up the great work!

  12. Nick Sorenson says:

    Amazing work, you guys! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

  13. Caleb Eshetu says:

    Awesome! Great to see the story to animation process and that colour key of the castle blew me away. Can’t wait to see the full animation. Keep up the excellent work!

  14. Julio Cabral says:

    Amazing! Christmas came early. Love the look and sketches.

  15. Lars Seiffert says:

    This is so wonderful,like back in the good old days of animation! Can’t wait to see final footage!

  16. Frederic Tarabout says:

    I worked 7 years in the animation industry so I’m used to see these steps but I saw the colored castle thinking it was an awesome final art, and then I read the description and thought “holy sh*t this is just the color key??”. Looks amazing.

  17. Daniel Salgo says:

    Love the vibrancy of the background.

  18. Mirandola Massimo says:


  19. Steve Grunberger says:

    AWESOME. Can’t wait until the movie is out

  20. Nicolas Laudadio says:

    So beautiful! This is what hand animation is about, bringing to life an artistic beauty in character animation that CGI can never achieve. I am really looking forward to this! Keep up the fantastic work!

  21. Knites says:

    YES!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

  22. Kimberly says:

    Everything looks amazing. The castle is magnificent, fabulous perspective and color! I can’t wait to see the finished animation and I’m hoping you’ll be able to add those 45 extra seconds. <3

  23. Sam Kressin says:

    That is a sweat opening Shot! I can’t express how much I love seeing this behind the scenes stuff it makes every penny I spent to support this project 110% worth it!

  24. Garrett Wilson says:

    This looks fantastic, I don’t think anyone could say no to your presentation guys. Besides being legends in the industry, this is just breathtaking.

  25. Goblin Scribe says:

    I kinda wish the color key was the finished product—imagine a whole movie that looked like that.

  26. Brian says:

    VERY awesome work! Thank you so much for sharing it! ^_^ One question about the Rough of the Down shot. Seq 001 – BG 2.

    In the upper right corner “12 FC” was written near the top of the castle. I was wondering, what does that marking mean?

    Thank you in advance!

  27. Diego Fernandez says:

    I knew it, but now it’s confirmed: this is going to be breathtaking! Please, keep up with this exciting updates that make us so happy every time. A true labour of love for traditional animation.

  28. Dan E. Won says:

    Don….I have no words to express my admiration and feeling of awe right now. Your art is breathtaking, it’s like a breath of fresh air in this modern CGI day-and-age. Your talent and skill always blows me away and has never ceased to amaze me, ever since I first watched one of your movies long ago when I was only two years old (I believe it was the first movie I ever saw!). Ever since then, your work has personally captivated me, perhaps more so than any other artist, and I find inspiration in your artistic creations. I think I’m not alone when I say you inspired an entire generation (mostly millennials) with your movies and continue to be relevant to many up-and-coming animators in the field today. I am happy I helped crowdfund this campaign, I expected great things to come out from your pencil once again and so far you have not disappointed me. Continue weaving with your magical strokes, maestro, we all are waiting for the grand finale!

    I wait with the anticipation and fervor for the finished product, don’t keep us in suspense too long!

  29. Jonathon T says:

    It’s very exciting to see this work.

    I think child Daphne’s left upper arm is a bit long. If it were dropped to her side, her elbow would be at her hip instead of her waist. Her right arm looks OK, smacking child Dirk, as long as child Dirk has fallen back. Otherwise, he looks like he would be -just- out of her reach.

  30. Jonathan Willis says:

    Beautiful. Love seeing the artistic contributions and how they all work together.

  31. James Schulte says:

    Wounderful! The castle reminds me of the Paris sequence in Anastasia.

    Question though… Do Daphne and Dirk live in the same castle? or are they from separate kingdoms?

    If Daphne is does live in the castle is she the king’s ward?

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