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  1. OMG!… another great update! beautiful modelsheets! …love young Dirk’s temperament and attitude coming across so effectively in those drawings. Don, you’re an amazing character design artist! Young Daphne looks so lovely… she comes across strong willed as well as very dignified. Grum is such a fun character too! those poses and those facial expressions.. I can’t wait to see all three of them animated. Thank you again, I’m looking forward to future updates!

  2. Nicolas Laudadio says:

    I’m loving this more all the time! Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    My moviegoer print hasn’t arrived yet. But 2 posters and 2 cells have no problem. Great Owl, Dragon’s Lair, Mrs Brisby and her daughter then Charlie and Anne Marie. Wasn’t sure anything else had been sent out yet.

    • Hello Daniel, you chose the “Slayer” perk, we haven’t reached that perk yet in shipping. We just finished up, “Moviegoer” and “Knight”. Next we are working on “Clothier”, “Gamer” and “Space Ace Historian”. Sorry about the delay. – Don & Gary

      • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

        Its ok. I’m not actually in a rush. I just brought it up because you said some perks have gone full circle. I’m even still planning to buy more as my budget allows.

  4. Randall Sly says:

    Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but I really don’t like the Grum design. He looks like a mouse from the secret of nimh and not a human at all, and he doesn’t look like he fits in the same world as the other two characters. I really hope you start over with this character, he is not at all appealing to look at, nor is he believable for this same world the others are in. Please take what I say as a sincere critique. The other two look great though.

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for sharing the model sheets with us! They look great! ^_^

    I’m surprised that so many “return to sender” packages have come back! 🙁 I hope the recipients get in touch soon so they can get their swag! After reading the other comments, I assuming that I haven’t gotten anything physical in the mail yet is because you’re not at the perk I paid to, would that be correct?

    I’ve no problem with waiting of course. 🙂 I’m sure with so many people buying into the perks it’s gotta be tricky cataloging everything and who gets what.

    Anyway I’m totally enjoying these updates, member and public updates. They’ve all been really neat! ^_^ It’s been an amazing ride so far! Can’t wait to see what’s next! 😀
    Thanks again!

  6. Knites says:

    YES! YES! YES!!!!!!! So pleased with this update! Dreams can come true!!!

  7. Jon Turner says:

    Only minor criticism I have of young Daphne is that she looks a bit too much like Thumbelina, but maybe that’s just me. Otherwise, quite promising.

  8. Peter Kadlec says:

    Bought the “Blu-ray Game Bundle”. ETA is December 2016. Are you already shipping them, cause I havent gotten mine yet?

  9. Hannah Viera says:

    Really beautiful! Thanks for the update!

  10. Nikki says:

    Hey there! Love what you guys have so far with young Dirk and Daphne. But I noticed you said that you had a lot of return to sender packages. I haven’t recieved any perks in the mail yet, I was wondering if I may have been one of those return to sender packages? If you haven’t gotten to the perks I’m at then no worries but I just want to make sure.

  11. Guy Smeyers says:

    I ‘ve received my perk today. Thank you very much

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