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  1. LauraCardinell says:

    This is so cool! Hard to believe you managed to manually add over 6000 users. Keep up the good work.

  2. Micah Brown says:

    Thanks for the update guys. Can’t wait for the Toontalks. Cheers.

  3. Tabitha Maddox says:

    Thanks so much for adding me and for the update! 😀 I’m so excited and absolutely cannot wait to see what you have in store.

  4. Kelcid Crawford says:

    Got my Believer perks today, and they look AWESOME. 😀

  5. Caleb Eshetu says:

    Thank you! Man you guys are working hard. Keep up the excellent work

  6. Morgan Leger says:

    So glad to be apart of this. The minute I saw my account info on this club, I just had to see what was going on. Can’t wait to see what comes of this in the end. Very excited. Land Before Time has always been a favorite for the characters and the journey they partake in. I say, let’s see where this trek leads to.

  7. Jessica says:

    I just got my e-mail moments ago! Congrats to you all, and that is amazing you’ve been activating so many people!

  8. Andrew Ingram says:

    Step away from the final product. What is really exciting is being able to watch a master at work. (Now if only I as a young animator, myself could be there to see it all with my own eyes….)

  9. Mike Copp says:

    Cannot wait to see the finished product!!
    Also looking forward to the “moviegoer” perks

  10. Pierre Lucas says:

    Got my email today. I’m looking forward to see this movie. ^^

  11. Katkid says:

    I got my perk^^ and im very happy with it! I Honestly cant WAIT to see more progress of this :,D
    It’s amazing that this is happening

  12. Chuckledarkly says:

    Man… Signing so many perks hope his hand has time to animate!

  13. Edenwaffle says:

    Yes! Storyboards! That’s my bread and butter, I hope I get to see some of them soon

  14. Bob says:

    Love the Toontalk and Animation perks! Many thanks!

  15. J. Nyström says:

    I received the PDF lecture notes & magazines some days ago, and I received my log-in just now. Here I am! 🙂 Thank you a thousand times for letting us support your work directly! Me & my siblings (all three of us draw and animate) have been wondering for years if there would never be a new Bluth movie again. Excitedly looking forward to all updates!

  16. soganessian says:

    The stuff on An American Tail from issue 4 of Toon Talk was worth every penny to me. ^^

  17. Aurelien Simon says:

    I strongly hope Christopher Stone will be back for the music. What he had done for the games (including the 3D game) was really effective. He needs to expand those ideas to a broader scale of course (big epic medieval music cannot be heard much on the big screen anymore nowadays) and you have to give him guys a real orchestra of course ! 🙂

  18. Slask says:

    I received my Believer perks, thank you! Can’t wait to take a look at them, and.. great to see you guys at work again!

  19. Marengo Alessandro (Alex) says:

    The Believer perk has arrived

  20. Cleverling says:

    Yes! So excited! Look at those storyboards!! 😀
    I have received the scans from the “Believer” Perk, can’t wait for the rest to come later! You guys are working so hard, thank you so much!

  21. Cliff Biram III says:

    I’m looking out for the believer Perk. I was at a higher perk but it looks like we should expect to see the Believer portion as well.

    Hopefully will see an email soon. Very excited to see the storyboard update!

  22. Received my Believer perks just fine. Thanks!

  23. Morgan Leger says:

    UPDATE: Just received my Believer perks. Thank you guys so much!

  24. Diego Fernandez says:

    Hey guys! I just received the “Believer” perk some hours ago. Thanks a lot!

    I have been taking a quick look to the manual and the magazines and they look awesome. About the magazines, I want to point out a little mistake with the scanning: issue 9 lacks page 11 and has 10 repeated twice. I also have some questions if you have a little time for some quick answers. The numbers of ToonTalk are fascinating, focusing each on one of the films/games, but I was surprised that there were none focusing on Dragon’s Lair!! (even when the one of Space Ace rocks too!!) Was it always plan like this or the magazine ended before that number could happen? Also, it’s really frustrating that the really cool Dragon’s Lair comic doesn’t have an end. Was it ever finished, even if never published? I love the sections “The colors of” and “Wizards of the biz” (and of course the comic) and I’m exciting to get a little free time to read them all carefully. Tremendous work and beautiful perk!

  25. DarlaRose says:

    Got my perk! can’t wait to read it!

  26. Cera Schulze says:

    Wow, storyboards! I’m hoping you guys will share some close ups of a few in the future. It’s so cool to see how professionals work in the industry. That’s the stuff I want to do once I get out of college.

  27. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    Monday, March 14, 2016 11:26 PM is when my E- Mail got the letter with the DL Links. Sadly I missed it until now due to all the campaign mail I’m being swamped with. Well that and I was watching Fantastic Voyage the Animated Series. Still no idea if Gift of the Hoopoe would ever be available in English or even for sale. But I now have the makings of an extreme marathon when I find a good time to start it. Thanks again for the Downloads. Going to be reading those while going to sleep tonight and many nights in the near future.

  28. Daniel Pollman says:

    Great to hear! Love the look of that face in the lower left edge of the picture.

  29. Caryl says:

    I got my perk a few days ago, and I’ve been busy reading (and studying).
    The magazines are an interesting peek back in time. I was so much less aware of the animation world and history around 2000 than I would become just a few years from then.
    I was so intrigued to see Daphne playing dual roles! I wanted to keep reading her side of the story, but alas…

  30. Lux Nathan says:

    I got my animation handbook and storyboarding handbook perks today. But I absolutely cannot get these epubs to open, they’re like 150 megs 🙁 has anyone else been able to get them open ? I’m dying to read them!

    • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

      You first have to unzip/decompress the files. Many OSes can read it without doing so but it takes longer to open. I wish I could say more but I keep getting errors trying to DL these larger ZIP files saying the source file cannot be read.

      • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

        .epub is a format handled by nook be careful. Its easy to accidentally make it too easy to pay for more books in it.

        • Lux Nathan says:

          It doesn’t open right in Nook either :/ I was able to decompress it to its .xhtml state and I can view each page in a browser, but its hardly optimal.

          • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

            I tried a few of the free readers linked to by the update Don and Gary posted after this one. Adobe’s Digital Editions is showing the books properly (Some overlapping on chapter headings) on my system. The other readers seem to be displaying everything but not rebuilding the pages as originally intended. I wasn’t able to find a copy of Calibre old enough to work on my Windows 7 computer but most people have newer equipment. Good Luck.

    • Brian says:

      I’d never seen the epub extension before these perks. But I wrote up a comment in the Dragon’s Lair 3rd members only post update on how I was able to convert/read the ebooks using a program called Calibre so I could read it on my Kindle Fire. My comment is 3rd from the top on that page, and a bit long. Hope it helps!

  31. D L Maffett says:

    Is it possible to create PDF versions of these books. I dont like the epub versions. A lot of the readers I have found have MalWare. PDFs are much easier to use.

  32. Brynie says:

    I got my artist and believer perks a few days ago and I absolutely love them. Thank you! I have managed to open them with adobe digital editions but there is a bit of a display issue with the headings, other than that they are perfect

  33. The Storyboards look incredible….. I envy Lavalle for just being there holding the stopwatch! I’m looking forward to future updates, keep up the awesomeness..

  34. Frank Sudol says:

    Cool! Might be fun to see if Dirk the Daring will have visions of his mistakes in the final movie so we can see what happens if he made the wrong move as we saw in the game. I like the Update 2 pic of Dirk turning into bones from the green acid.

  35. philip reinhardt says:

    Please Make Daphne as sexy as she was back in 1983

  36. How long has this campaign been going on?

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