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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Keep on rocking, guys!

  2. Michael Wittnebert says:

    Space Ace fan question, please Mr. Bluth AKA Borf (Borf’s voice):

    Borf has THREE lines in the final battle in Space Ace…

    Besides the final: Ace!

    I’ve been wondering since I beat Borf in 1984, please:

    What are the other TWO lines?!! Thanks!

    • Gary Goldman says:

      Hi Michael, Once the final battle begins, Borf’s dialogue is:
      1) a medium shot on Borf, “Now you die!”
      2) a close up on Borf, “Die!!”
      3) A wide shot, full figure on Borf yelling down toward Ace – off-screen below, “STAY PUT!”
      Best, Don & Gary

  3. Jon Turner says:

    I was worried that you guys had fallen off on this. Glad to see I was wrong.

  4. Awesome update 🙂 Question about backer addresses. I can’t find a link to alter my mailing address as I have moved. If someone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  5. Jeb says:

    Awesome!! I love hand drawn animation and I am hoping this full movie gets the go ahead. My son is 3 months old now, but I know he and I would watch Dragon’s Lair over and over. I can’t wait to see the full pitch. Thank you Don and Gary for keeping the art of hand drawn movies alive!

  6. Marin Kalebota says:

    I have a feeling it is going to be superb.

  7. Derek Williams says:

    Wow! You and your team are doing a wonderful job. 1.6 seconds was enough to see that you kept it flat 2D, and that makes me really happy. Shading and shadows are great in scenes like that lightening flash, but I prefer traditional flat. Thank you.

  8. The colors look really beautiful!… tip of my hat to the color stylist! He or she is doing a wonderful job! I really look forward to future updates!

  9. BunkerSquirrel says:

    I’m glad I backed this. Thanks for all your hard work, guys!

  10. Daniel Salgo says:

    Wonderful! Loving the lightning and subtle tint change as he steps out from the curtains and into the room. Very nicely subtle and works great for the lighting of the room and the lighting behind the curtains. Very exciting seeing this. Also learning from this as well. Noting the drag on the skirt.

    Also noted, I have definitely gotten the Animated Cell Drawing and it is perfect. Beth Anne Gee does an amazing job! I’ll be framing it for sure.

  11. Martin Touhey says:

    This is so great. Can’t wait for the full pitch video. Is there a finish date you’re shooting for?

  12. Mark Lohr says:

    As much as I “LOVE” what you guys are doing (and as much as I love Dragon’s Lair), I guess I’m going to be the naysayer here and say that I wonder if the way that this project is going is NOT really what the fans want to see??!! Don’t get me wrong, I want to see a traditionally hand-drawn animated movie just as much as the next guy, but as a fan of the arcade game I really would like to see Dirk and Daphne as adults at some point in the movie. I would hate to see this turn out to be another “Phantom Menace” debacle…

    • Hello Mark, you are in luck! You will see Dirk & Daphne as adults. Not only that, you get to see them become who they are, even how dirk got his costume. Best, Don & Gary

    • Frank Sudol says:

      I remember reading that the introduction scenes are introducing Dirk and Daphne as kids, and then we quickly move ahead into their future, where they have to confront Mordroc the Evil Wizard as young adults, prior to the events of Dragon’s Lair I believe.

      I definitely want to see the majority of the film with the grown up versions, though I did read they are toning down Daphne’s costume to something more practical for everyday wear, compared to the slim dress Singe the Dragon forced her to wear in the game. I love Dragon’s Lair 1’s style, and hope it favors medieval times and monsters instead of time travel as in part 2. Of course this is just the pitch presentation, so hopefully everything progresses ahead after this.
      On this latest update, the animation looks fast flowing, and beautifully painted cels and backgrounds. Awesome work. During the lightning, it almost looks like Dirk’s dark side appears in the light.

  13. Carlos Hoyos Barcelo says:

    Love to see these seconds of superb animation and color. 😀

  14. Benjamin Waldburger says:

    This looks amazing so far, something old with a splash of new! I definitely can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂

  15. Sam Kressin says:

    Wow this is amazing!

  16. OwenWelsh says:

    Thank you for including the clean up (pencils only) for us animators who love to study your amazing animation. I love going frame by frame and looking at all that love and hard work!

  17. Steve Grunberger says:

    Awesome 🙂

  18. Nicolas Laudadio says:

    This. Is. Awesome!

  19. Caleb Eshetu says:

    This looks great! Keep up the good work 🙂

  20. Hannah Lethbridge says:

    Looks amazing!

  21. Brian says:

    OMG!!!! This is SO awesome! So much detail! Watching BOTH videos was IMMENSELY ENJOYABLE! Really takes me back to my childhood, watching classic and expertly done animated features! I am getting more and more excited about this sizzle reel with each update you share with us! I hope that it meets with success and becomes another quality classic full-length film! ^_^

  22. Austin Hatt says:

    It’s so nice to see this style of animation again. Great job to you and your crew you are all doing a wonderful job.

  23. Suzanne King says:

    So wonderful! I can’t believe I’m seeing more Bluth/Goldman art! It’s like a dream come true!
    Love, a forever fan!

  24. Lance Rusoff says:

    Can’t wait for the Art of Dragon’s Lair! I have several original model sheets from you guys.
    So it will be a printed book or PDF? Will it be similar to your art of drawing book?

  25. Julio Cabral says:

    I got my Princess Daphne cel. Absolutely stunning! You guys are the best. And the clean up animation is perfect. Go team go!

  26. Tradley says:

    Great work! But is it just me, or does him throwing out his arms right after the flash light look weird or rigid?

  27. Lars Seiffert says:

    Wow! Looks great 🙂 I recently watched Anastasia again, and was completely back in awe about the beauty of this cinemascopic masterpiece.
    Go with Dragons Lair and bring back the art of hand drawn animation to the big screen!

    No hassle here, but please keep me updated on the Animation Drawings perk, and when to expect my shipment to Germany. Thanks!

    • Frank Sudol says:

      Agreed, Anastasia is a great work of art. The main villain in that film reminds me of Mordroc from Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp, who will return for Dragon’s Lair the Movie from the sound of things so far.

  28. Ikrani says:

    Really dig the color change when the lightning flashes, how everything goes from earthy medieval colors to this ominous palette of purples. What made you pick that? Is it supposed to be subtle foreshadowing, or was that lightning bolt just a lightning bolt?

  29. Dan E. Won says:

    AWESOME! I, like many other fellow members, can’t wait to see the finished product! Keep at it, Don and Gary!

  30. Derek Williams says:

    Am I the only one that noticed this is the electric knight stage? You can tell by the pillars and checkerboard floor.

  31. DarlaRose says:

    I’m glad to see production going so well but I have concerns about the perks, I still have not received any of my perks in the mail. Have they been delayed?

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