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  1. Sarah Gaygen says:

    I’m so glad I got my Artist perk right as Spring Break starts! My fellow animation classmates are gonna be drooling after I tell them all about it. ^-^

  2. Joshua Korkut says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait!

  3. 0Brian says:

    For the “artist” perk, in the link provided on the “Additional Update” to clarify with the above post. There is a link to a program called “Calibre” that can also read the books on your PC or whatever platform you download it for . But the .epub extension of the books were not readable by my Kindle Fire HDX. Calibre can convert them to other formats. I chose .mobi for my 2nd attempt, as AZW3 did not display the text, just the pictures, while mobi SEEMS to have worked for transfer to my Kindle Fire HDX. The only thing is that be prepared to leave your computer on for 1300-1600 minutes. That’s the range in which it took for the conversions to complete for me. This may vary from computer to computer as I tend to have a LOT of stuff going on my PC at any given time. So it’s just a heads up, but I haven’t been through either book entirely yet. However, in .mobi format, the files for each book were drastically reduced from over 140megabytes, to 30-50 megabytes. So I’m not certain everything made it through until I read through more. Oh, and the text to speech function seems to work with both books as well, again, so far.
    I’m hoping this will help others who may also have been frustrated with trying to find a way to read these books. Took me a few days to sort it out this far for myself. I hope this helps out other members who’ve received this perk. ^_^ If anyone tries this and can confirm a faster time than I’ve recorded here, it’d probably be useful to have that info available for others. so I hope they will post a comment too. ^_^

  4. Caryl says:

    The ebooks open and read just fine with iBooks on a desktop, but they do not play nice with devices, so I’ve been doing some converting with Calibre.
    Oh my gosh, the commenters weren’t kidding about how long it takes. I’ve rendered video in less time than this!
    I was going to report on whether .mobi works out (I had similar results as 0Brian when I tried .AZW3), but I’m a little in denial that the hours-long conversion process in Calibre seems to have stalled and may need to be restarted.

    • Brian says:

      For me, Caryl, both books appeared to stall at like, 47% and then 67%. They are working on what I can only guess at are HUGE parts of the guts of the e-books. It should get to 47% easily enough, then it’ll start taking many many minutes.
      Definitely do not start it over! Or you will have to wait all over again.

      I thought that it might be stalling too. Because every time I’d check the job progress in caliber it’d be on the SAME line of whatever. Since I don’t know anything about the coding of ebooks, I’m just assuming it’s probably the bulk of the content. I’ve been reading through the Storyboard book a bit with my Kindle Fire HDX, so far so decent. Pics are a bit small, but the text is all readable, and the text to speech is still working too.

      Good luck with your conversions!

  5. Daniel Pollman says:

    Great! Excited to see the Drawing Hand Gestures and Eyes when they’re completed and sent out. 🙂

  6. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    I’m finding the books show well in Adobe Digital Editions just some overlap in chapter header text but you can tell what it says. The rest shows correctly.

    • Jose Moreno says:

      I’m actually having the opposite result, the EPUB books won’t even show in the ADOBE Ebook reader. Are you using that on a desktop (win or mac) or with a tablet? Or did you do somethign special to make it show?

  7. Joshua Korkut says:

    All of the epub readers I’ve tried can’t display the pages correctly. The text is all scrunched together.

  8. Chris McBride says:

    Well since the original perks are gone, I don’t even know what perks I’m supposed to get, since mine just says “includes all previous perks” I would assume I should get the Toon Talk, but maybe not?
    Anyways I haven’t received anything (or if I did, it disappeared from my junk folder)

  9. Chris McBride says:

    Nevermind, I guess I can just grab them from the downloads!

  10. Jose Moreno says:

    So far you guys and girls have done a great work with this campaign, however I have the same problem as Joshua Korkut and many others with the “artist’s” tier. To this day I continue to have issues with all of the EPUB readers I’ve tried. I understand has worked for several people.

    However I don’t have Windows 10 or a windows enabled tablet to rest it, and I just can’t upgrade Windows for the books only. I’ve tried Callibre, FBreader, Adobe Digital Editions Reader and nothing works correctly. The text appears here and there and in some (Adobe) the books won’t even open.

    I’ll keep looking for solutions on my own, but as a contributor’s note to our dearest Dragon’s Lair staff, please, don’t forget about those who still can’t take a peek at the books. I literally decided to contribute to the campaign because of those books, Dragon’s Lair aside, and it would be a huge dissapointment if I can’t use them after all!

    Also I would like to suggest kindly to post a simple list for members only of “pre-in-demand” perks because I too have only a vague recollection of what rewards I should receive according to my contribution. And Indiegogo does not display that in my account.

    Anyway keep up the good work and hope we can see some drafts soon!

  11. Love Hina says:

    I paid for the “Hands and Gestures pack” and didnt got the artist Ebook tutorials.

    When i get send the Hands and Gestures tutorials Will i get the Ebooks too?

    because i got nothing on my mail yet, and checked the Junk box.

  12. Tom Newton says:

    I’m looking forward to the Hands and Gestures videos, which will definitely help with my artwork.

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