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  1. Brian says:

    OMG the postcards look AWESOME! And so MANY! I hope nobody gets Carpel tunnel from all the signing!

    Great to see the animation manual uploaded to the D/L section. I think my friend who also contributed, didn’t get it downloaded in time via the e-mail. Not sure, will have to check with her. But if she did miss it before, at least she can get it now. 🙂

    The 3 videos were amazing! 😀

    Will there be any sample-videos of the pages/rough scenes and the audio tracks being combined? I’d love to see more of the process as well as some clip(s) of the result(s) when they’re done! 😀

    This is so awesome! ^__^

  2. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    That is A Lot of cards.
    Lets see, a full list of perks received.
    The Great Owl Poster, Dragon’s Lair Comics, Wallpapers, Toon Talk magazines, 3 Video Lessons, Animation Manual, Art of Storyboarding

    There isn’t a whole lot of digital left is there? The Style sheets and class handouts are what immediately come to mind. Oh the Digital Dragon’s Lair Art book the Script and the finished presentation but I figured those might come later.

    Thank you for all the hard work. I hope potential backers aren’t left out of the loop on it. I know you won’t be pitching the film until December but I can’t help feeling all this industry would impress them.

  3. Jon Turner says:

    I’d personally like to see a scene between Daphne and Mordroc, where the latter tries to seduce her, or the former uses her charms to lure him into getting a kick in the rear or something.

  4. Daniel Pollman says:

    The design of that castle is fantastic! The video lessons were very helpful, so many thanks!

  5. What !!! That’s so much !!! It likes doing exercise with the thumbs !!! I only can write 4 postcards and I’m really tired. Good luck guys !!!

  6. (*Is like) correction (*and I get really tired)correction#2

  7. Robert J Gomez III says:

    I didn’t get video tutorials email. I checked spam folder and it not there either.

  8. Robert J Gomez III says:

    Wow, that going to be lot of work to autograph the postcards! Keep up the great work!

  9. Thomas Etteler says:

    Wow. I sooo can’t wait to recieve a postcard by you guys. I think of throwing next month like extra 45 US$ just to get the hat. Not sure yet though.

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