Happy Birthday Don Bluth!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DON BLUTH!! Don is still animating everyday, we are making such great progress on Dragon’s Lair!! Thank you everyone for your support!

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  1. Mark Canner says:

    Happy Birthday Don Bluth!!! Your a hero to all of us. 😀

  2. Pierre Lucas says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Bluth! ^^

  3. Julio Maradiaga says:

    Happy Birthday! Showed my two Nieces and nephew An American Tail for the first time and gawd to see their expression, especially the 4 yr old niece’s reaction when Fivel finally finds and hugs his dad. Pure magic. She still sings “There are no cats in America” frim time to time.

    • Jon Turner says:

      Speaking of “An American Tail”, this year will be the film’s 30th anniversary. I find it fitting that we’re viewing it considering that it seems as though some Americans have forgotten about what America should stand for. If anything, this movie should remind us that America is a place to be welcoming of other cultures and opportunity, not putting up borders.

  4. Stefano Diodati says:

    Best wishes for a happy birthday, and many more happy years to come!

  5. vorpalcat says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Bluth. The autographed still arrived just a few days ago, and it is now one of my treasured possessions!

  6. Jorgen Gauthun says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

  7. dartzy says:

    Happiest of birthdays, Mr. Bluth! Have an animated day!

    Ps..the image above would make a great poster..hint hint.

  8. Richard J Smith Jr says:

    And the day of the notorious Disney defection. Happy B-Day, Bluthie!

  9. November1981 says:

    Happy Birthday! And may God give you many more years to animate such wonderful movies!

  10. Masayasu says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday!!! I hope you are surrounded by family and friends today, among your many fans. Best wishes!

  11. Unnar Kristjansson says:

    Happy birthday. Thanks for The Land Before Time…and everything else (most of it anyway)!

  12. Kaminoyouni says:

    Happy Bday Don!

  13. J. Nyström says:

    Best happy birthday wishes to Don!!!!

  14. Daniel Salgo says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything that you create!

  15. Shane Martin Hoffman says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Bluth.

  16. Thomas Abbatiello Jr says:

    Happy Birthday!

  17. Megan Bowman says:

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for all that you have given us! Your films have been some of the most profound inspirations in my life, and I owe much of my love for animation and drawing to you.

  18. Jani Vilonen says:

    Happy birthday! May there be many more happy years for you!

  19. George Albanis says:

    Happy Birthday and best wishes! You have a ton of fans!

  20. Mariano J. Del Franco says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Bluth!! Best wishes and keep on the good work! 🙂

  21. Nick Sorenson says:

    Happy Birthday, Don!

    Thank you for inspiring us, being a part of our childhoods, and giving us some of the most beautiful hand-drawn animation outside of Disney for so many years.

    I am glad that you of all people still believe in this art form, and I wish you nothing but the best in helping to bring this art back again.

  22. Happy Birthday Don !!! Is a blessing that people like you have been inspiration and teachers in my childhood with your wonderful movies. Thank you!!! Oh, and Happy birthday in spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños !!! 😀

  23. 18 says:


    Have a great birthday.
    Thank you for all your hard work and eventually bringing us Dragon’s Lair The Movie to the big screen.

    Don’t do anything I would or wouldn’t do on my birthday.

  24. Peter Kadlec says:

    Happy birthday, Don. Best wishres and thanks for all this great movies!

  25. Aneskoh says:

    Happy Birthday!!! And thank you for all the great memories of our childhoods!!!

  26. Dan E. Won says:

    I just wanted to write in and wish you a Happy Birthday! You’re turning 79 this year! That’s amazing, you’re almost 80, yet you barely even look it! You really have aged well, you haven’t changed much since the 1980s! Do you secretly hold the Fountain of Youth somewhere ;)? Anyways, just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done over the years and bringing so much magic to the world. Have a Happy Birthday, and enjoy your 79th year on earth! Live long and prosper!

  27. Nicholas Ritzic says:

    Happy Birthday to Don Bluth.

  28. Oliver Grisard says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Bluth, Thank you for all of your creations, The Land Before Time is one of my all time Favourites, it was one of the films that i saw as a child and it has stayed with me all these years.

  29. Austin Hatt says:

    Happy Birthday Don and thanks for all the great films.

  30. Brian says:

    Wishing you a WONDERFUL birthday Mr. Bluth! I hope it’s been and continues to be an awesome day for you! 😀

  31. Brent says:

    Happy Birthday Don! Thank you for all that you have given to us!

  32. Maddie says:

    Happy Birthday, Don Bluth!
    We all hope that you had a great day, and we thank you for inspiring us with your films.
    Keep up the good work!

  33. Grand Legion says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Bluth!

  34. Vincent Gosselin says:

    Happy Birthday Don!

    And thank you for all you’ve done for animation (especially The Secret of N.I.M.H.)!

  35. Jon Turner says:

    Happy birthday, Don. And keep up the good work with DRAGON’S LAIR. May you succeed in your efforts.

  36. Kimberly says:

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  37. Guy Smeyers says:

    Thank you for inspiring us and giving these wonderful movies all those years. Thank you also for keeping traditional hand drawn animation alive.

  38. Olivier Blanc says:

    (To read with Swiss-French accent 🙂

    Bon Anniversaire Don ! Champagne !

    and many mooooooooooooooore…

  39. Micah Brown says:

    Megan and I would like to wish you a wonderful Birthday and all the best wishes.


  40. Robert J Gomez III says:

    Happy Birthday Dan B! Hope you have good one!

  41. Angel Rodríguez Sanchez says:

    Muchas felicidades, Don. Happy Birthday.

  42. Raffaele says:

    ^_^ Happy Birthday Mr. Bluth! For a hundred years of success, luck and positive days!
    Good things to you and your family!

    I respect so much you and mr Oldman!
    You do go out the Dragon’s Lair Movie! Do not let us wait too 😀

  43. Raffaele says:

    😀 Happy Birthday Mr. Bluth! For a hundred years of success, luck and positive days!
    Good things to you and your family!

    I respect so much you and mr Oldman!
    You do go out the Dragon’s Lair Movie! Do not let us wait too 😉

    by Raphael from Italy

  44. Raffaele says:

    I want leave a big sweet thought in honor of your deceased brother, Toby. (:-)
    I have the Vhs of one of his works: Babes in Toyland (here in Italy named ‘Trip to Toyland’), beautiful movie, very funny and tender.

  45. Frank Sudol says:

    Happy 79th Birthday, Don Bluth! 79 years and still drawing. Awesome. Dragon’s Lair is my personal favorite, so great to see it going again!

  46. Brenda Cantlay says:

    Happy Birthday, Don! And I hope you have many more!

  47. Jose Angel Peña says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Bluth! ,and Tanks for make this great proyect a movie of Dragons Lair, and the games Space Ace, Dragons Lair and Dragons Lair Time Warp and my favorite movie Titan A.E. great jobs and lots congrats!!!!!

  48. Aspartza says:

    Happy Birthday!

  49. Arctic Dog says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Mr. Bluth! I hope you got some much deserved rest and celebration in.

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