Happy St Patrick’s Day 2016!

A Troll In Central Park

A Troll In Central Park

Ah… St. Patrick’s Day. . . After living and working in Ireland for almost eight years, we’re doing the same thing we did on St. Patrick’s Day when we were there – that is working right through the day. Well, some of us. Others are off to Dave Monahan’s Irish Wolfhound Restaurant & Pub in Surprise, Arizona for the excitement of watching Americans experience their version of St. Patrick’s Day, or as many people say, “St. Paddy’s Day” – perhaps a bit casual for a Saint. Hopefully, the beer that flows at the Irish Wolfhound today will not be green (kind of an Irish-American verson). Though, I think the bottles and beer-cans are green with shamrocks plastered all over them. At least we don’t dump green dye into the Arizona rivers, or Tempe town lake.

Thinking of our time in Dublin, we’ve selected a screen grab from one of the six feature films we made in Ireland, a shot of Stanley the troll with a green thumb, who loves flowers. He was thrown out of the Troll world because he broke all the Troll Rules, mainly making anything “nice” or “beautiful. Both of those words bring to mind our experience living in Ireland. Beautiful and nice are both terms that fit perfectly for those years we spent there, from 1986 to 1994.

Happy St Patrick’s Day Everyone!

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  1. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    I wish I could have seen your studios in Ireland. Did you ever get to meet Anne McCaffery? She bought land out that way, or am I getting the location of your studios and County Cork confused, and made a great place for herself and her family starting around that time frame.

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