End of the Year Indiegogo Update

Lavalle's Desk at Don Bluth Films

Lavalle’s Desk at Don Bluth Films

Update To Our Loyal Contributors,

It is the end of the year and we want to make sure we kept everyone updated on where we are with our campaign.

We’re hard at work on Dragon’s Lair: The Movie pitch presentation. Now we are coloring! We were hoping to have our presentation done by December but then we decided to add more animation to the reel. Our five minute pitch is now well over six minutes, so additional time is needed.

Packaging the "Clothier" Perk

Packaging the “Clothier” Perk

We are also working around the clock on all the perk rewards. Some perks will be mailed after the new year; our Ink & Paint department are still working on the final three cels. The Art of Dragon’s Lair book is taking a bit more time than expected. We had to contact Savannah College of Art and Design and ask them ship back artwork from our first two games for the book.

We apologize for the delay. Here is the list of our status on the perk rewards which includes perks we have shipped and sent out so far.

Perk Rewards Sent/Shipped:

1. Digital Comics
2. Unreleased Model Sheets
3. Script Treatment
4. 20 Desktop Wallpapers
5. Perspective Video Lesson
6. Animation Manual
7. 10 TOONTALK Magazines
8. 6,000+ Memberships to our Password Protected Blog
9. A Special Thank you on DragonsLairTheMovie.com
10. The Art of Storyboard
11. The Art of Animation Drawing
12. Drawing Hands Tutorial
13. Drawing Eyes Tutorial
14. Thank You Post Card
15. MovieGoer Prints
16. Dirk Pins
17. Dragon’s Lair Lanyards
18. Dirk Model Sheet
19. Daphne Model Sheet
20. Animation Drawings from the Dirk Swing
21. Dragon’s Lair Posters
22. Space Ace Posters
23. The Secret of NIMH Posters
24. The Secret of NIMH Cels
25. All Dogs Go To Haven Cels
26. Masterclass happened in July
27. InDemand – Digital Fan Bundle sent
28. InDemand – Digital Archive Bundle sent
29. InDemand – Digital Student Bundle sent
30. Clothier Perk (T-shirts) (Sent Out Yesterday)
31. Second Batch of NIMH posters (Sending Out Today)

What we are sending out before the New Year:

1. Anastasia Bundle
2. Gamer Perk (Blu-ray Game)

Perks Still Left to Do/Make:

1. Final Pitch Presentation Video (Supporter Perk and up)
2. Princess Daphne Cel
3. Dirk & Daphne Cel
4. Space Ace Cel
5. Slayer Perk (Hat, Daphne & Singe pin)
6. Animation Collector Perk (Signed drawings from the pitch)
7. Indiegogo Backer Perk Credit (Included on Final Pitch Presentation Video)
8. Reader Perk (The Art of Dragon’s Lair Book)
9. Animator Perk (1.5 hours of Skype time with Don Bluth)
10. Inbetweener Perk (9 DVD Don Bluth Lessons Box Set)
11. Indiegogo Producer Perk (Credit on Final Pitch Presentation Video & Daphne drawing)
12. Immortal Perk (Included on Final Pitch Presentation Video)
13. Animation Student Perk (Class is finished, still needs previous perks)
14. Super Collector Perk (10 Storyboard Drawings from Final Pitch Presentation)
15. Hero Perk (Daphne Maquette)

InDemand Left to Do/Make:

1. Dragon’s Lair Castle Pan (27)
2. Movie Poster Bundle – American Tail/Land Before Time (27)
3. Land Before Time Film Drawings (23)
4. Titan AE Poster (9)
5. All Dogs Go To Heaven Poster (3)
6. An American Tail Poster (13)
7. The Land Before Time Poster (21)
8. Blu-ray Game Bundle (83)
9. New MovieGoer Bundle #1 (2)
10. New MovieGoer Bundle #2 (3)
11. Collectors Bundle (19)
12. Space Ace Blu-ray (11)
13. Dragon’s Lair 2 Blu-ray (10)

Thank you for your ongoing patience and contributions during our Indiegogo campaign. We couldn’t have done this without you. On behalf of Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and everyone on the Don Bluth Films team, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Be sure to keep checking our blog for updates, every week we let you know where we are at in production!

Best Wishes,

Don Bluth & Gary Goldman

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33 Responses

  1. Brian says:


    What a great update! And the photos are neat! It’s cool that the pitch is getting an extension! I hope it helps sell the idea for this movie! It’s been a real thrill so far reading the updates and seeing the samples you’ve shared with all of us! I’m looking forward to what comes up in the new year!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and everyone working on the pitch! 😀

  2. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    My Space Ace movie poster got here last night. I should have kept better track of how many I ordered. the Frame shop owner might think I’m trying to move into his place.

  3. Frank Sudol says:

    Wow, 6 minutes of full color Dragon’s Lair animation, awesome! I’ve been rewatching some of the old footage with the games of Don Bluth talking about Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. So good to see Dragon’s Lair revisited all these years later.
    For the Dragon’s Lair 3D gamecube game, that had some cel animated cutscenes that looked great also. I remember Dirk was riding a horse towards the castle.

  4. Julio Cabral says:

    Such a great update! Thank you Don, Gary and the Lair team. So glad the pitch is being extended. More Dirk is always a good thing. I just received my Space Ace poster yesterday. It is amazing! Much appreciated to you all. This list of shipped perks is so helpful. Too much for one person to keep track of it all. I got everything on the shipped list except my MovieGoer postcard prints. I’ll keep an eye out for them but nothing yet. Happy Holidays and New Years to the whole team! Hoping 2017 is as amazing as these updates and perks.

  5. Jani Vilonen says:

    The pitch presentation is looking awesome thus far! The first few pictures are quite promising and it’s awesome that you’re really doing your best impress potential investors! I absolutely love being able to follow the development of the pitch presentation. I’m confident that we’re in for an absolute treat in June…

    I’d like to know more about the deleted scenes of the Land Before Time. I understand that the footage may be lost for good but could you please describe the scenes? I know about the original ending and the extension of Spike’s hatching in addition to the Sharptooth scenes but there are probably many more scenes in the deleted 10 minutes.

  6. Tom Carter says:

    Good to hear everything been shipping out to everyone, can’t wait for my download copy of the film 🙂

  7. Jose Moreno says:

    So far I’ve received everything as promised except the Thank you postcard. I think it got lost on the mail, but well one can’t have everything in life haha.

    Either way congratulations on the great job, and thank you for such a lovely and spirited effort, can’t wait to see the final presentation pitch. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

  8. Marin Kalebota says:

    Don and Gary: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year from me and all who have contributed to you from the beginning.

  9. Dan E. Won says:

    Thanks for the updates, Don and Gary! And Merry Christmas to all on the Dragon’s Lair team!

  10. Matt says:

    Question on authentication of our signed perks, we are not Pawn Stars and can bring a guy who can verify the signature nor can we use a photo of you posing for a camera over a pre-signed movie poster to prove its authenticity. No disrespect, I’m a big fan of your work and Secret of Nimh is one of my favorite Family animated movies. I can’t wait for Dragon’s Lair!!!

  11. David Graves says:

    Just wondering, those who got perks that haven’t shipped yet, will all the previous physical perk rewards that were included be bundled together with it, or should some of them arrive earlier?

  12. Patrick John Fenton Jr. says:

    Hi I just received the music box from the Anastasia stand alone perk. Unfortunately it was damaged in transit. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the San Francisco Music Box company (the company that made and sent the music box) about getting a replacement?

  13. Dan E. Won says:

    Happy New Year, Don and Gary!

  14. Valerie Jenkins says:

    I just got my rewards!! Everything is amazing, my shirt fits perfectly (I LOVE how long it is~) and the signed poster is awesome. I’m so happy that it was actually signed by you two; it feels so much more personal!!
    I was so worried I wouldn’t get these, my mailbox got broken into on Christmas so I couldn’t get anything for a while, the package even got sent to the wrong post office in the confusion somehow. I have them now though.
    Thanks so much for sending these out! I couldn’t be happier!!

  15. Ian Herrick says:

    Hi Don & Gary, Happy New Year! I’m a big fan and spent a great deal of my youth dazzling folks at the arcade by drawing a crowd once I reached the Dragon’s Lair at the end. It was my favorite game by far. I signed up for the Gamer perk and am anxiously awaiting for my treasured piece of nostalgia to arrive in the mail. Your update says the Gamer perk went out before the end of 2016, how long should I wait before I get worried? Had anyone else received their Gamer perk? (I regret not signing up for the Blu-Ray bundle as I was also quite good at Space Ace back in my arcade days as well!)

  16. Franklin Castillo says:

    I haven’t received any of my perks by mail and you haven’t sent me any updates on my perks status.

    This situation is getting really frustrating and more when you read about other people getting their perks.

    Is there a way you can make some time in your schedule to check what is going on?

  17. Judgement0s says:

    Looking through the delivered perks, it doesn’t look like I’ve received any of the physical perks :/ I pledged at the Animation Collector level which says I should be getting all previous perks, and had gotten the email asking which poster I wanted (chose NIMH) and size of t-shirt. Still haven’t gotten anything physical at all :/

    • Hello Judgements, we are currently working on the “Slayer” perk. We are bundling all the perks up together not sending them individually. We hope to get to “Animation Collector” perk soon, we have to finish our pitch presentation before sending out signed animation drawings. We apologize for the delay. Best, Don & Gary

  18. Kevin Berk says:

    Hey guys, any idea on the ETA for the Castle Pan standalone? I bought the Slayer Perk AND the Castle Pan, so not sure if the former will get delayed if the latter isn’t ready. Truth be told, I can’t WAIT for the Castle Pan! Always wanted that!

  19. Simona Cellini says:

    Hello everyone and happy new year! (with a little delay XD)
    I have a few questions:
    I get two tipe of perks,the first one was the “supporter”, in the early phase of the campaign, like november 2015, then, i purchased in october 2016 the “Gamer Perk” (It’s an important gift for my boyfriend ^-^).
    I wasn’t able to recall what shoud i get phisically in the supporter perk, and i can’t find it on the Indiegogo page, can you give me some help?
    I think i get the Gamer Perk with some deley, so, shoud i be worried if i still didn’t get it? ^^’

    best wishes to you all, and stay amazing like this for ever *-* i love your work!

    Simona <3

    • Hello Simona,

      We sent out all the “Gamer” perk rewards about 2 weeks ago. The supporter perk, you get Dragon’s Lair: The Movie finished video pitch presentation. Also all the digital rewards. You should of received emails with the digital rewards such as the Comics, Lessons, ToonTalk, etc. Be sure to go through your spam/junk mail, we had some reports that they landed in those folders.

      Don & Gary

      • Simona Cellini says:

        so, for the supporter perk i’m ok! ^_^
        Unfortunately, for the gamer perk, i’m not 🙁
        I double checked my mailbox, but still nothing in there……. is it possible to track the package someway? 🙁

        Thanks for your kindness,

        • Hello Simona,

          We checked our records and you chose “Blu-ray Bundle” not the “Gamer” perk. We have not sent out the “Blu-ray Bundle” yet. Sorry for the delay. Be sure to keep checking our updates and we let everyone know which perk we are sending and finishing. Best, Don & Gary

          • Simona Cellini says:

            oh! what a shame! my bad sorry!!!!!!!! ^^’ i didn’t meant to waste your time!
            thank you very much ^_^ !!! I’ll check (with a little bit more attention! :D)
            Best, Simona

  20. Marin Kalebota says:

    Don and Gary, which perk are you sending out now? Last time I heard from you, it was the Slayer perk.
    I have purchased 2 Indemand perks: movie poster bundles and collectors bundle.
    I have a good feeling the pitch presentation. The colors are awesome.

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