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Mrs. Brisby's Concrete Cinder Block 3

Mrs. Brisby’s Concrete Cinder Block

Throwback Thursday to 1980. In order to deal with multiple points of view for storyboarding and layout, we decided to build a physical blown-up set for the interior of Mrs. Frisby’s (Brisby’s) home in...

A Troll In Central Park 1

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2016!

Ah… St. Patrick’s Day. . . After living and working in Ireland for almost eight years, we’re doing the same thing we did on St. Patrick’s Day when we were there – that is...

Missy the Cat 3

Who is “Missy” the Cel Painter?

Throwback Thursday: Don in his office doing character layout for the animators on The Secret of N.I.M.H. (circa 1980-81). “Missy”, the cat lays sprawled across his stack of drawings. Don had brought her to...