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Carmen Oliver (Color Model Supervisor) An American Tail 2

An American Tail – Summer of 1986

Throwback 30 years ago. A publicity photo for An American Tail, taken in the summer of 1986. The Universal photographer wanted to do a shot from under an animation desk, looking up through the...

An American Tail Crew 3

An American Tail Crew

Just 30 years ago, in the late spring of 1986, Universal had taken this publicity photo for An American Tail. The film was released in November of that same year. Over 100 artists, technicians...

An American Tail Rotoscope Boat 4

I have a cousin in America

Throw Back to 1986. Most of you wouldn’t know this piece of trivia, but the two German seagulls waving and shouting “auf wiedersehen” to the departing ship, which is carrying Fieval and the Mouskewitz...