The Art of Dragon’s Lair – Complete!

Good news everyone! After a few revisions of “The Art of Dragon’s Lair” we finally finished it! We wanted to make sure it was perfect, and we are very pleased with the final result. 

Now they go on to the printers! As soon as we get them, we will send them out to those who chose the “The Art of Dragon’s Lair” perk rewards. The printers will be giving us the digital version, and we will be emailing them out as well. 


Don Bluth & Gary Goldman

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5 Responses

  1. Marin Kalebota says:

    Good news indeed!!

  2. Thomas Abbatiello Jr says:

    Oh, man! I would love to own this book! For those of us who contributed but chose a different perk, is there any other way to purchase it?

  3. Lance Rusoff says:

    I’d love to purchase the book as well. I thought i got in early but didnt see this perk. When was it offered?
    I want a copy anyway, please let us know if there are extras to purchase!

  4. Carlos Alcalde says:

    Hello !! i love DRAGONS LAIR HISTORY i m 44 years old i wass playing to dragons lair from the 80 s i build my arcade cabinet dragons lair machine to play i have at home thanks to Don and Gary to do this great adventure i have obsesión for this during all my live ,please where can i see some video about the dragosn lair the movie ??

  5. Janessa Ravenwood says:

    Is there a digital version of this book available for purchase?

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