Thumbelina Throwback

Thumbelina started late in 1992 during the completion of A Troll in Central Park. It was the first of several films where we did extensive live action reference for the main characters, Thumbelina, Prince Cornelius, Mr. Beetle, Mrs. Toad, and a chorus of dancers for the Beetle Ball sequence. The process is usually for human characters, and dancing situations, giving the animators a performance to draw from. The challenge is for the artists to exaggerate the live actors’ reference movements and key poses to accommodate the classical animation appeal and avoiding the look of simple “Rotoscoping” (tracing the action from the photo references).

There were some challenges to get the right voices for the film, sometimes having to fly to far-away places to record them. The main studio was based in Dublin, Ireland. Don and one of the editors would be at each recording sessions for direction and technical confirmation. Voice recordings were usually done in Los Angeles, 6,000 miles from Dublin. However, for the recordings of Charo’s lines for Ma Toad, Don and the sound editor had to fly from Dublin to LA, then on to Honolulu, Hawaii, an 8,400 mile trip. Though, we believe that they enjoyed the humid tropical atmosphere, the azure-blue ocean, the white sand beaches and a luscious green environment.

All the while, Gary and the crew toiled away in Dublin where they could enjoy all four seasons in a single day, including a misty atmosphere, winds, occasional sunshine and downpours – providing Ireland with its own luscious green environment.)

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3 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Cool! The character sheets are always neat to see! And WOW! The water in Hawaii looks really blue! Never seen water THAT clear and blue before. lol I’ve seen some pics of Ireland, though I’ve never been there either, nice shot of the misty shoreline!
    Great story! I really enjoy these stories from the past! Thanks as always for sharing them! ^_^

  2. Jessica Feinzig says:

    I love the dedication your team takes both to get the art just right and to get the perfect voice cast! This is one of my favorite movies and it is so cool to learn what went into making it! As always, great job and thank you!

  3. PrinceC says:

    Filming the reference was so much fun! (except for the flying harness…)
    I still have pictures and video from the reference shoot sessions. :’D

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