New Perks!! Signed All Dogs Go To Heaven & Titan A.E. Posters!
Enjoy our latest update video!!​

BRAND NEW PERKS!! We just added “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and “Titan A.E.” autographed posters to our Dragon’s Lair Indiegogo Campaign!!



Be sure to check out our update blog for the latest on Dragon’s Lair: The Movie! http://dragonslairthemovie.com/

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3 Responses

  1. Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

    I thought I was through the posters and then the new perk ended up more posters.

    Remaining Listed Perks where content wasn’t already covered in previously bought perks.
    Price Name Ratio Available
    $120 Warrior 21/21 0% Sold Out unavailable
    $125 All Dogs Go To Heaven Historian 0/150 100% WANTED!
    $125 Titan AE Historian 0/150 100% WANTED!
    $125 Animation Drawings 6/490 98.7755% wanted
    $175 Princess Daphne 84/200 58% unwanted
    $175 Dirk & Daphne Cel 110/200 45% unwanted
    $175 Ace & Kimberly 39/200 80.5% unwanted
    Available items total
    $900 Before shipping

    Percentages from when the posters were announced. I think I might have gone a bit nuts since I have gone for perks that include everything still listed on the Indiegogo Indemand.

    • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

      Everything outside of this list. And yeah it feels silly going for all but the Videogame cells.

      • Spokavriel (Daniel T. Stack) says:

        Biggest part that makes this insane is that my personal income is less than $1,000 a month. That’s total not after expenses. Really hope the studios to distribute don’t become a problem once the project is being shopped around.

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