Who is “Missy” the Cel Painter?

Missy the Cat

Missy the Cat

Throwback Thursday: Don in his office doing character layout for the animators on The Secret of N.I.M.H. (circa 1980-81). “Missy”, the cat lays sprawled across his stack of drawings. Don had brought her to the studio from home. She was dealing with cancer and would have the comfort of the crew to share her days with, and evenings, even some all-nighters, among those six and seven-day weeks at our facility in Studio City, California.

She took up residence in Don’s office, which included a litter box, her water bowl and food dish. Sadly, Missy died before we finished the film, but for her efforts to be one of us, she was given a credit on the film. It was carefully listed among the cel painters in the end credits. And, if you go to imdb.com you’ll see her in the “M” section of surnames, between Linda Miller and David Molina. We miss you Missy!

Linda Miller … animator
Missy … cel painter
David Molina … animator

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3 Responses

  1. Caryl says:

    So many people seem to be linked by fond memories of good cats.

  2. Frank Sudol says:

    That is cool Missy the cat got a credit in the final movie The Secret of N.I.H.M. but sad to hear she didn’t get to see all of those mice in action after the movie was completed.

  3. Thomas Abbatiello Jr says:

    God Bless, Missy!

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